Breeduyn Village - Holiday park

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The brand-new, luxurious bungalows of Vakantiepark Breeduyn Village are right next to the Belgian North Sea coast. The sea and the vast beach are just a 5 minute walk from the park. Enjoy the sun on a warm day or go for a long beach walk on the cooler days. You can endlessly wander around in the beautiful dune areas and enjoy nature. Perhaps you prefer a nice bike ride and make a tour of the ancient castles and picturesque villages. The famous beach resort Oostende is only a short half hour drive from Breeduyn Village. Treat the whole family to a bag of Belgian fries on the boardwalk, take a look at Fort Napoleon and discover the cosy shops in the covered shopping mall. Back in the park the children can monkey around in the playground, while you read a book and enjoy those last rays of sun. Now that’s a holiday we’d all want.

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Koningin Astridlaan 61, Bredene
tel. +32 593 333 42 
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