Water Tower Bredene - Observation point

Water Tower Bredene - 1

Dive into the fascinating history and enjoy the panoramic view from the Water Tower, a remarkable architectural monument in Bredene. This historic water tower, not only an important part of the local heritage, offers visitors a unique opportunity to view Bredene and the surrounding area from a different perspective.

What can you expect?

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A Unique Experience

Whether you're interested in historical architecture, looking for a great view, or simply seeking a unique experience during your visit to Bredene, the Water Tower offers a memorable experience for everyone.

Furthermore Water Tower Bredene is near the following sights: Turkeyenhof (±1,2 km), Surf club Twins (±2,0 km), Visserskapel Onze Live Vrouwe ter Duinen (±2,3 km), Hangtime (±2,4 km) & Fort Napoleon (±2,7 km).

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Dorpstraat 1-33, Bredene
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